Brian McManamon, Artistic Director

Brian McManamon, Artistic Director

“Away! let's go learn the truth of it.”  –Measure for Measure (Act I.Scene ii)

More than any other playwright, Shakespeare examines the truth of who we are. We look to his plays to point us forward, reflect our past and address our present.

After an inspiring and deeply rewarding first season, I could not be more excited to return for my second year as Artistic Director of the Shakespeare Academy @ Stratford. I look forward to welcoming another brave, generous and spirited ensemble with a passion for Shakespeare and a love for theater making. Together we will create a family of bold theater artists, game to collide fearlessly with one another, becoming pilgrims in this brave new world. 

At the heart of SA@S lie a rigorous training program, a unique rotating repertory performance opportunity, and a fierce commitment to ensemble collaboration. During our six weeks in Stratford, we will focus on the text of Shakespeare, unpack its heightened language, and discover the plays and characters within each of us. We’ll battle the expectations of how Shakespeare is supposed to be played by demystifying and tearing Shakespeare down from the proverbial pedestal in order to find out how these plays can live through us in our very unique moment in time. 

We will continue to offer a demanding schedule of training including master classes with internationally recognized leaders in text, Droznin, Lucid Body, Alexander technique, clown, and stage combat.

Beginning this season, we will also invite a working professional with a wide range of experience and expertise to serve as guest director for one of the Shakespeare productions in our two-play repertory. I am thrilled to have New York City based director, Jessi D. Hill, join us to direct The Tempest. I will direct the second play of the rep, Measure for Measure.  

Not only does this pairing present an exciting opportunity for the ensemble to play in a Romance one night and a Problem Play the next, but these two plays speak to authority and the nature of just and effective leadership; topics I look forward to examining with the young artists and audiences we assemble.

Please join us on the shores of Stratford-upon-Housatonic for our fourth season!

If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. We'd love to hear from you!