SA@S on Tour

our Alums reunite each year to bring Shakespeare into the communitY

The Alumni Company program supports both artistic development and community outreach. It's a bridge from the Shakespeare Academy @ Stratford out into the community — and, for our alums, a bridge from formal training toward their professional artistic lives. The program brings Shakespeare's work and ensemble-based theater to a wide and diverse audience, while empowering our alumni with the opportunity to create theater of their own, from the ground up, as a collaborative ensemble.

Each summer the Alumni Company (made up of three or four returning SA@S actors) receives artistic and financial support for their production. Housed in Stratford, they live alongside the SA@S ensemble and support the program, while creating their production and planning their tour. In July and August, they travel around the northeast for several weeks, performing the play and offering educational workshops. Alumni Company productions have been seen in Massachusetts, New York, Ohio, Illinois, Maryland, Connecticut, and Rhode Island. In bookstores, coffee shops, libraries, summer camps, backyards, art galleries, Central Park and Washington Square Park. 

Along the way, the company gains confidence, resourcefulness, and experience in all aspects of creating, producing, and touring a production, including: devising and staging, rehearsing as an ensemble, adapting Shakespeare's text, publicizing, fundraising,  managing a tour, designing sets/costumes/sound, and teaching. Contact us about hosting an Alumni Company performance in Summer 2019.


Past seasons, pictured: Romeo and Juliet (2015), A Midsummer Night's Dream (2016), and The Two Gentlemen of Verona (2017), The Taming of the Shrew (2018).